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"Towards A NEW DAWN" was my tenth one-woman-show of Paintings  held at the Palm Court Gallery, INDIA HABITAT CENTER, Lodi Road, New Delhi from the 1st till the 5th of January 2005. The solo show before this one was called "In Search of Peace.." It expressed the common manís search for peace and comprised mostly  strife. "Towards A NEW DAWN"  is the reiteration of my optimism in A New Dawn after a dark night; my faith in the perfect balance of nature, which ensures this reality in the spiritual and metaphysical sense in addition to the rational and physical. It is my attempt to inspire my fellow human being in general and my fellow women, in particular, to keep their faith.. Because of the balance of nature.. Because of the beacons of hope Ė Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi.., who far outweigh in their goodness the sheer quantity of the greys in the world.. These are my paintings of Wait, Hope and Faith..


- Rooma Mehra





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