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by Rooma Mehra


a sigh

that shrouds

the sky

in layers

layers, layers

of gloom

until a piece of sky

is wrenched from its

starry roots

and falls so heavy

on a shaky earth

that it quakes..  



a sigh

wrenched from

the darkest depths

of a heart

turned so cold

in the increasing

tightness of

the grasp

of the hand

of death

that it screams



a sigh

that shivers

and weeps

before it is

finally grasped

by cold, damp hands

from a dying heart

to shroud

the sky

in a pall

of pain

that falls

so heavy

on the earth

that it screams

and quakes..

Today, the sky

has been torn

from above my head

and the earth

beneath my feet

shivers and shakes..  


I miss you, Mama



October 14, 2005

 Alibris 190x112