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Rooma Mehra

Rooma Mehra is an artist who has faith in the power of nature, God and positive energy of life. "Expect a miracle. Have faith and hope. Because night is darkest just before dawn.. and you or I do not hold the brush that colors the night and the day. Just expect to wake up to one miracle morning, as an unreasonably happy person. It will happen inevitably when you have reached the end of your tether. When God and peace have begun to appear like bleak dreams that only fools believe in. Dream of that morning, it will come." This artist statement elucidates her beliefs.

This belief resonates in Mehra's works, whether it is her paintings, drawings or sculptures. Her style is fluid and colors vibrant echoing her positive attitude. She is not restricted by styles or palette each work reflects her individuality and her perception of the subject.

The artist lives and works in Delhi.

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Ref No : 12885
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In Search of Peace 2

Ref No : 12884
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Melody Maker 10

Ref No : 12883
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Gujarat III

Ref No : 12882
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Towards Peace